Performance Coaching

Welcome to our Performance Coaching Section!

Based in Coleraine, NI we provide a range of services where speed, acceleration, stopping and changing direction are key. We work with teams, small groups and individuals 1-to-1, including athletes who are returning to play after rehab.

Our services include:

  • Video Coaching - We can review videos of your movement and provide you with detailed information on how to improve your running mechanics.
  • Speed testing - This can include video analysis and biomechanical feedback, Force Velocity profiling, as well as using speed gates to test and rank your running ability.
  • Agility testing - Using electronic speed gates you will be able to test and profile yourself or your team.
  • Game Speed Development - This includes teaching you how to improve your acceleration, sprint, change of direction and stopping mechanics. 
  • Power Development - Power is key to early acceleration or that explosive step you see that gets a player past an opponent. 
  • Anaerobic Fitness Testing - During a match, athletes often perform sprints or jumps with little time for recovery, which makes the testing and training of the anaerobic energy system extremely important.
  • Mobility and movement development - If you have a limited movement profile you'll never achieve your potential. Unlocking your mobility and opening up your ability to move more freely and explosively enables you to explore more of your natural ability.
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Training Fees for 1-to-1 and Small Groups (max 4 people)

Testing & Video Analysis: Fees range from £45 - £70 per person per session

Coaching: Fees range from £25 - £45 per person per session.

Video coaching & reviews: £45 per session

Teams: Please get in touch to discuss your requirements

We also offer packages for 1-to-1 and small teams.

If you'd like to know more about get in touch and we'll see how we can help you achieve what you want. 



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All training sessions will comply with the latest guidelines from the NI Executive and Sport NI regarding Covid - 19. Players are requested to ensure that they come to training with clean hands. Hand sanitizer gel will be available during each session if required.