Speed & Agility Summer Camp #2

Speed and Agility Camp for Team Sports Players

The Speed and Agility Camp is designed to support team sport players and their coaches in teaching key movement skills that provide the players with the techniques to run faster, change direction and jump higher.

This means that they can get to the ball faster, break tackles, jump higher to head or catch the ball, side step the opposition and leave them standing. These are just some of the skills each child will start to develop, in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment, led by qualified coaches.

The Speed and Agility Camp is for boys and girls aged 10 to 16 who play in a team sport such as Football, Rugby, Hockey, Gaelic Sports, Netball, Basketball etc. who want to be a faster, more agile athlete and become better team sport players. The program runs for nine hours normally spread over three days.

Here's What's Included:

Day 1. Acceleration & Sprint Speed  -  The day starts with a warm up followed by a speed test using electronic timing equipment to test the athletes acceleration and speed over 5, 10 and 25m.   They will then be given training sessions which introduce the correct technique to enhance their acceleration and speed including the use of the Exer-Genie Speed Trainer.  At the end of the day each athlete will be given an opportunity to re-test their acceleration and speed to see their improvements.

  • Acceleration: Body position, powerful leg drive & aggressive arm action.
  • Maximum Velocity: Higher body position, leg cycle and arm drive coordination
  • Transition: Change in body position from low to high and foot placing

Day 2. Agility & Change of Direction  -  Today starts with a warm up followed by an introduction to the timed T-Test using electronic timing equipment.  Each athlete will take one attempt at the T-Test to obtain a timed score.  The training session will break down the movement patterns required to complete a T-test and look at how to accelerate and brake within these patterns.  These patterns are used in all team sports and provide the basis for team sports players to improve their agility and change of direction.  After being given plenty of time to practice these skills each athlete will again be re-tested over the timed T-Test to see how their times improve.  

  • Acceleration and braking mechanics in both a straight line and in lateral movement
  • Correct technique to switch from one movement pattern into another
  • Correct technique to turn and the orientation of your body

Day 3. Jumping, Landing & Sport Tasters  -  The last day starts with a warm up followed by a Counter movement jump for height test.  Jumping is a key aspect of nearly all team sports as well as being an acceleration exercise.  Learning to land correctly helps reduce the likelihood of injury and may be used as an injury prevention exercise.  The main focus of the day will be learning how to jump to gain extra height and distance.  How to land correctly to absorb forces and lateral jumping and landing to understand what is required to protect joints, especially the knees.

At the end of the last day all the athletes will play 5 minute bursts of their sport. This will give all the young athletes an opportunity to demonstrate their new found acceleration, speed, jump and agility skills in a variety of scenarios.

If you or your team are interested in having the Speed & Agility Camp for Team Sport Players delivered at your club please fill in the form below and we'll get in touch.

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