Fitness Testing for Team Sport Players

Sport Performance Testing Website

The more you know about yourself, your athlete, or your team the more effective your planning and training can be. You can't train what you don't know!

The Sports Performance test is:

🔸Suitable for athletes of all sports from ages 11 to adult
🔸Tests can include: Speed, Power, Explosive Strength, Change of Direction, Acceleration, Anaerobic & Aerobic Fitness
🔸You also receive a Functional Movement Screen to identify movement issues which can be used to help prevent injuries
🔸Tests are designed specifically for your sport such as combat sports, football, rugby, hockey, GAA, netball, cricket, tennis, gymnastics etc
🔸Highest quality electronic testing equipment used
🔸All results printed out and easy to understand

Register your interest in a Sports Performance Test and find out your results... Use the results to focus your training on where it needs to be!