Sporty Kids

Sporty Kids

Weekly training sessions for girls and boys aged 12 – 16-year olds who wish to develop their SPEED, AGILITY and ATHLETICISM for rugby, football, hockey, GAA, basketball and any other sport involving SPEED.

The sessions are run by Mike Fountain who has great experience of developing young athletes in both track and field as well as team sports to the highest levels in the UK and Ireland.

Whether you’re a beginner and want to try a different sport or if you’re already training and competing, then these training sessions will give you the key foundations for understanding and developing specific physical elements for your sport.   

The Workout is designed to develop the following elements:

  • SPEED - Acceleration, Deceleration, Linear and Lateral Movement Techniques, Running Mechanics, Footwork
  • EXPLOSIVE POWER - Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics, Medicine Ball, Jumping & Landing Techniques
  • STRENGTH - Functional Approach, Thorough Instruction, Focus on Upper Body, Lower Body & Core
  • CONDITIONING - Game Ready Preparation for all Athletes.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Improve posture and range of movement specific to sport
  • INJURY REDUCTION - Identify & Correct Muscular Imbalances, Balance & Stabilisation

If you or your child are interested in joining these weekly training sessions then please fill in your details and we'll get in touch.

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