Speed School

Speed School

Speed School is the perfect way for team sport athletes/players to learn explosive acceleration, to run faster, change direction and jump higher than their competitors and team mates. They will also be taught how to improve their mobility, coordination and agility to help them become even better athletes and players. Numbers for Speed School will be kept to a maximum number of 10 pupils. This is to ensure that every individual receives one-to-one coaching, video analysis of technical movement (where appropriate), specific feedback and is given the focus on how they improve. 

Speed School is for all 11 - 16 year olds where speed, repeated speed and agility underpin the technical skills for success e.g rugby, football, hurling, camogie, cricket, hockey, tennis, netball, basketball etc. 

Speed Development improves:

  • Maximum velocity
  • Straight line & curve running
  • Running technique

Agility Development improves:

  • Accel/Decel
  • Change of direction (COD)
  • Braking strength
  • Evasion drills and games

The weekly training sessions are designed to introduce and develop the skills to help each athlete/player to...

  • Be faster in all areas of the game
  • Create or close down space in the game for those match winning moments
  • Out Jump the opposition to head or catch the ball
  • Side step the opposition and leave them standing
  • Improve overall athleticism so that they can be better athletes and players 

These are just some of the skills each child will start to develop, in a safe, fun and enjoyable environment, led by a qualified and experienced coach.

The monthly fee for Speed School is £10 per week or £35 per month.

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