We offer a range of services for sprinters and team sport players aged 12+ from group coaching, 1-2-1 coaching, training camps, and team coaching.  We are confident in our approach and aim to share our practice and philosophy with as many athletes and coaches as possible.


I really like training with Mike because I can see a huge difference when I’m playing football, I’m faster, stronger and I have more endurance. Another reason is because I like doing the different exercises and seeing which part of my body is stronger than the other. Mike is great!


Since starting training with Mike I have noticed a great difference in Lucas’ performances in matches. He is a lot more physical and uses his body strength a lot more and his ability to change direction has improved. Lucas really enjoys the training sessions and looks forwards to see what different exercises Mike has planned.


Mike challenges me! I've Improved my balance and my confidence on using my knee after injuring it over two years ago.


As an athlete under the coaching of Mike, I believe that I have grown in many ways over the past two years.  His training has enabled me with the ability to assess myself and have a better understanding on where I am with the things I need to improve on.  Training sessions are always packed with so much fun, excitement and a lot of hard work.