Speed for Team Sports

Faster athletes win games! Being fast gives an athlete many advantages... they seem to have more time to see the game unfolding in front of them. They see space which lets them create opportunities and influence game changing scenarios. They are more likely to influence game changing scenarios in the last 20 minutes of a game when everyone else around them is fatigued.

Faster players are game changers.

Developing speed, being one of the fastest accelerators and stopping quickly doesn't happen by accident. These are skills that need to be taught, practiced and mastered, just like the skills of catching, passing, dribbling etc. They must be practiced and developed over time.

Running under resistance helps teach upright running. Notice how his legs switch positions whilst being in the air.

Video analysis of how quickly players can stop whilst staying in an active body position.

Mastering Speed in Team Sports

Using video analysis, technical drills and structured feedback you will improve your sprint speed, acceleration times and velocity and your deceleration time.

Who is Speed Training For?

Training is for any team sport athlete aged 14 years and over.

We've worked with academy players, athletes from provincial squads as well as senior players from many different sports. The all shared the same goals of improving their sporting performance, being successful and the desire to be their best. 

Speed for Team Sports can be delivered one-to-one or up a maximum of 4 people at a time.

You will be required to commit to a 6-week training block to see significant improvements, though you will notice small improvements almost immediately. In order to achieve long-term improvements a longer commitment will be required... this can be discussed at any point either before, during or after training.

We've found that one to two weekly sessions during the first block of training is enough to see the transfer of Game Speed Training into actual match play.

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All training sessions will comply with the latest guidelines from the NI Executive and Sport NI regarding Covid - 19. Players are requested to ensure that they come to training with clean hands. Hand sanitizer gel will be available during each session if required.