Athletic Development Camp 2020

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If you're the parent of a young athlete aged 11-16 who plays a team sport and you'd like to help your daughter/son be the best athlete they can be on the field/pitch then this camp is your starting point.

Here's What's Included:

Day 1. Athletic Tests & Acceleration Speed  -  The day starts with a warm up followed by a series of athletic tests to measure; Acceleration Speed, Anaerobic Power, Change of Direction, Vertical Jump Power, Reactive Strength, Lower Body Muscular Imbalance and Upper Body Explosive Strength.

The purpose of these tests is to provide each athlete with an Athlete Assessment Sheet highlighting their scores as well as giving them advice on how to improve their scores so they are better athletes. 

After the testing we will spend the rest of day one teaching the young athletes the correct techniques and drills for acceleration and sprinting.

  • Acceleration: Body position, powerful leg drive & aggressive arm action.
  • Maximum Velocity: Higher body position, leg cycle and arm drive coordination
  • Transition: Change in body position from low to high and foot placing

Day 2. Change of Direction, Jumping & LandingDay two starts with a warm up followed by an introduction into change of direction movement patterns. After being given plenty of time to practice these skills including playing a variety of games we will then focus on jumping and landing.

Jumping is a key aspect of nearly all team sports as well as being an acceleration exercise.  Learning to land correctly helps reduce the likelihood of injury and may be used as an injury prevention exercise.  The main focus of the day will be learning how to jump to gain extra height and distance.  How to land correctly to absorb forces and lateral jumping and landing to understand what is required to protect joints, especially the knees.

  • Acceleration and brake mechanics in both a straight line and in lateral movement
  • Correct technique to switch from one movement pattern into another
  • Correct technique to turn and the orientation of your body